The honey materials provide information on different bees that make up the hive, how pollination works and also includes a fun honey tasting activity…pick up a variety of honey varietals from your local grocer – look for specific sources like clover, wildflower, sunflower, and orange blossom – sway away from bottles that don’t tell you specifically what the plant source was - then have your students taste test the honey varietals. Each varietal will have different flavor profile. Squeeze a taste sample on a clean spoon for each student and allow them to taste. It is enjoyable watching the students discuss the flavors they pick up with each sample…apple pie, vanilla, cinnamon, raisin, etc.


Anatomy of a Worker Honey Bee

Buzzy Buzzy Honey Bee

Honey Bee (power point presentation)

Honey Dance

ND Pollinator Plan

Honey Tasting Activity

Pollinators Ag Mag

Pollinators Ag Mag Teachers Guide

Sample Honey Varietals from local grocer

Honey from Walmart