The North Dakota Department of Agriculture has the responsibility of ensuring the quality and safety of all animal drugs that are sold or distributed in the state. The objective of this program is to protect the health and safety of livestock and pets; maintain the integrity of animal bi-products intended for human consumption, and protect the consumers’ interests in the quality of products offered for sale.

State law requires that all livestock medicines be registered by the manufacturer or the person whose name appears on the label prior to being distributed or offered for sale.  Registration information can be found below.

Livestock medicines include all devices, remedies, cures, tonics, powders, proprietary medicines, type A medicated articles, and similar preparations for the treatment or prevention of any disease of livestock, poultry, or other domestic animals. No person (company) may sell, offer, or expose for sale, have in possession with intent to sell, any livestock medicine which has not been registered by the commissioner for sale in this state. All livestock medicine registrations expire on June 30th of every even-numbered year.

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture has contracted with Kelly Registration Systems (KRS) to streamline our registration and licensing processes and to provide a more efficient electronic document management platform. Companies or individuals can submit applications and supporting documents online through a platform called KSAMS at This includes renewals and initial applications. Registrants and licensees can also use KSAMS to submit revised supporting documents and labels. Persons are strongly encouraged to use the KSAMS registration option. KRS assigns usernames and passwords to access the system. You may request a username and password by contacting KRS at 1-800-803-5777 or via email at

Please note that the Department no longer accepts hard-copy product labeling. The preferred method is for registrants to submit electronic documents through the KRS system. If that is not an option, registrants can submit electronic documents to the Department in portable document format (PDF) on a compact disc.


To apply for registration of a livestock medicine, you may apply online at:

OR submit:

  1. Application: Registration of Livestock Meds (Link at bottom of screen)
  2. Complete, electronic PDF product label for each product submitted via CD
  3. Check for application fee: $40/product

Livestock Medicines Contacts

Livestock Medicines Contacts



Dr. Beth Carlson, DVM
Deputy State Veterinarian

State Board of Animal Health
600 E Boulevard Ave.
Dept. 602
Bismarck, ND 58505-0020



Fax: 701-328-4567