The North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) regulates commercial feed and pet food products through the authority provided by Chapter 4.1-41 of the North Dakota Century Code (N.D.C.C.). The Department has the responsibility to regulate the registration, distribution, sale, and labeling of feed and pet food products. The focus of the Department’s activities is to ensure:

  1. The health and wellbeing of livestock, wildlife and companion animals
  2. The safety of foods derived from animals
  3. Consumer protection through truth in labeling
  4. A level playing field for conducting commerce in commercial feed and pet food

If you are a consumer, producer or business and have questions about North Dakota feed laws or general animal feed questions send us an email at Or contact Jamie or Angie, their contact information is at the bottom of this page.


Commercial Feed Manufacturers License:

Each person (company) who manufactures commercial feed* or whose name appears on the label of a commercial feed, other than pet foods, must obtain a feed manufacturer’s license for each manufacturing location according to state law. The “Commercial Feed Manufacturers License Application” can be found at the bottom of this page under Related Resources.


Registration of Commercial Feeds:

State law requires each person whose name appears on the label of a commercial feed must register and maintain a current label on file with the NDDA of all feeds distributed in the state with the exception of customer formula feeds*. Persons must hold a Commercial Feed Manufacturers License to be eligible to register commercial feed products. The “Application for Registration of Commercial Feed” can be found at the bottom of this page under Related Resources.
*“Commercial feed” means all materials, except whole seeds unmixed or physically altered entire unmixed seeds, which are distributed for use as feed or for mixing in feed for livestock or wildlife.


Commercial Feed Retailers:

According to N.D.C.C., each person (company) who sells commercial feed, other than pet foods, at retail must obtain a feed retailer’s license. A feed retailer’s license must be obtained for each location used by the retailer. If a person holds a commercial feed manufacturer’s license for a location that also retails, the requirement for a retailer’s license is waived for that location. The “Commercial feed Retailer’s License Application” can be found at the bottom of this page under Related Resources.


Registration of Pet and Specialty Pet Foods:

Each pet food and specialty pet food must be registered with the Department before being distributed in the state as stated in N.D.C.C., The “Application for Registration of Pet Foods and Specialty Pet Foods” can be found below under Related Resources. For more information about the department's pet food program, visit the Pet Food Program page.


Information for Manufacturers & Retailers:

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture has contracted with Kelly Registration Systems (KRS) to streamline our registration and licensing processes and to provide a more efficient electronic document management platform. Companies or individuals can submit applications and supporting documents online through a platform called KSAMS at This includes new applications, renewals, and tonnage reports for feed products. Registrants and licensees can also use KSAMS to submit revised labels and documents. Persons are strongly encouraged to use the KSAMS registration option. To access the system, send an email to to request an account.


Please note that the Department no longer accepts hard-copy labeling. The preferred method is for registrants to submit electronic documents through the KRS system. If that is not an option, registrants can submit electronic documents to the Department in portable document format (PDF) on a compact disc.


For more detailed information about the above topics, you can click on the “NDDA Commercial Feed and Pet Food Registration and Licensing Guidelines” document below under Related Resources.


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Feed Program Contacts

Feed Program Contacts

Jamie Good
Feed Specialist

Angela Rittmiller
Feed Administrative Officer