Plant Industries


The North Dakota Department of Agriculture’s Plant Industries Division oversees the department’s noxious weeds, plant protection, apiary (honeybees), waterbank and industrial hemp programs.

The division assists county and city weed boards in field days and weed management, and trains them with GPS/GIS mapping technology Coordinating statewide biological weed control and obtaining and distributing biological weed agents, while also assisting the public with weed identification and control.

The division surveys for exotic pests and various diseases, insects and nematodes that threaten North Dakota agriculture and horticulture; licenses and inspects nursery dealers and growers; provides export certification/phytosanitary services for export of agricultural products; and reviews biotechnology permits.

Its apiary program licenses beekeepers, registers and maps apiary locations, inspects bees and issues health certificates for migratory movement, investigates and responds to bee complaints, ensures apiary compliance, administers the Honey Fund, and oversees a Pollinator Plan.

Plant Industries Contacts

Plant Industries Contacts



Samantha Brunner
Plant Industries Division Director | State Apiary Inspector

North Dakota Department of Agriculture
600 E Boulevard Ave. Dept.602
Bismarck, ND 58505-0020