Fertilizer Program


The North Dakota Department of Agriculture regulates the distribution and sale of fertilizers to protect consumers and ensure access to high quality fertilizer products. This page provides information on how to obtain a fertilizer distributor’s license and how to register fertilizer products in North Dakota.

All fertilizer materials, foliar fertilizers, micronutrients, specialty fertilizers, soil amendments and plant amendments must be registered with the North Dakota Department of Agriculture prior to being distributed or offered for sale.   Information on how to obtain a fertilizer registration can be found in the NDDA Fertilizer Registration and Licensing Guidelines document to the left.

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture has contracted with Kelly Registration Systems (KRS) to streamline our registration and licensing processes and to provide a more efficient electronic document management platform. Companies or individuals can submit applications and supporting documents online through a platform called KRS at KellySolutions.com. This includes renewals, initial applications and tonnage reports for all fertilizers. Registrants and licensees can also use KRS to submit revised supporting documents and labels. Persons are strongly encouraged to use the KRS registration option. KRS assigns usernames and passwords to access the system for product registration. You may request a username and password by contacting KRS at 1-800-803-5777 or via email at reg@nd.gov.

The Department no longer accepts hard-copy fertilizer labeling. The preferred method for registrants to submit electronic documents is through the KRS system. If that is not an option, registrants can submit electronic documents to the Department in portable document format (pdf) via email at reg@nd.gov. The maximum document size is 20 (MB) megabytes.

Click here to view the 2022 Tonnage Report.

Fertilizer Inspectors

North Brian Kramer 701-934-2691 bkkramer@nd.gov
South Jeanne David 701-595-6260 jdavid@nd.gov

Fertilizer Inspector Map

Fertilizer Program Contacts

Fertilizer Program Contacts



Eric Delzer
Pesticide and Fertilizer Division Director




Brandy Kiefel
Fertilizer Program Specialist/Tonnage




Sara Timmer
Licensing/Registration Admin Assistant