Report a Suspect Ash Tree

  1. Review the guidelines on how to identify an ash tree.

  2. Review the signs and symptoms of an EAB infestation.

  3. Report the tree location and symptoms using the following QR code or survey link.

report eab QR report eab

Emerald ash borer has been detected in Moorhead, MN. At this point the extent of the infestation is unknown, but surveys will be ongoing to determine how widespread the infestation may be. No detections of emerald ash borer have been made in North Dakota. It is not uncommon for ash trees to decline in our state due to reasons other than emerald ash borer, however, if you are concerned by a symptomatic tree you are encouraged to report those trees.  We have created an online survey tool to allow us to manage these reports.  Trees reported through this survey may be reported to ND Forest Service, NDSU Extension, or city foresters depending on the location for further follow up.  There is no need to report a tree to multiple agencies. Please do not report trees outside of North Dakota; instead contact your state department of agriculture or a local forester.

You can also email information and questions to or leave a voicemail at 701-328-5110. Due to anticipated high call volumes you are encouraged to use the survey for reporting trees or the email to ask questions.