The Animal Disease Traceability Rule (ADT) went into effect on March 11, 2013. The rule is available along with a Question & Answer Factsheet at the following link: Animal Disease Traceabilitity USDA-APHIS-VS


Identification requirements to move cattle from North Dakota to another state may have changed. Please check with the state of destination for current identification requirements.

North Dakota's importation requirements should meet most of the identification requirements within the ADT rule. North Dakota's importation requirements can be found at: Animal Importation Requirements. The only change for cattle being imported to North Dakota is that all cattle for exhibition, regardless of age or sex, must now be officially identified.

Currently, all licensed auction markets are considered approved tagging sites.

Board updates or changes in North Dakota's importation requirements, will be posted to our website.


Owner-Shipper Statement (OSS) -Please call the State Veterinarian of the state of destination to determine when an OSS is requested to accompany a shipment.

North Dakota's Voluntary Location Registration program started in 2005 as a cooperative effort between the North Dakota State Board of Animal Health and the North Dakota Stockmen's Association (NDSA). The 2005 brand renewal process by the NDSA combined with individual mailings from the Board led to the voluntary registration of approximately 8,000 locations within the state of North Dakota. The Premises Registration program has transitioned to the Location Identification program. Premises Identification Numbers (PINs) and Location Identification numbers (LIDs) are confidential at the state level and are used by the state and federal animal health officials for official disease testing and investigation purposes only. A producer can choose to use PINs and LIDs for their own purposes, such as livestock movement or age and source verification programs.

A producer's location can be voluntarily registered in the state by filling out the form below. The North Dakota State Board of Animal Health will continue to register new locations and update existing location information on an as needed basis. During disease investigations or required disease testing, locations will be registered by the state.