Call 701-328-2655 to report feral swine.

According to North Dakota Century Code 36-26-01, “feral swine” are swine which appear to be untamed or undomesticated, appears to have reverted from a domesticated to a wild state, and is free-roaming.

Feral swine are an invasive species which cause extensive damage to crops, property, and the environment. They are also known to carry over 30 diseases and 37 parasites that can be transmitted to livestock, people, pets, and wildlife. In 2009, the North Dakota Legislative Assembly enacted legislation to prohibit releasing feral swine as well as to prevent activities promoting or supporting the hunting of feral swine.

When feral swine are sighted in North Dakota, the State Board of Animal Health should be notified immediately. Attempts will be made to identify whether the swine are truly feral or if they are escaped domestic swine which are private property. The State Veterinarian's office works cooperatively with USDA-Wildlife Services, USDA-Veterinary Services, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, and local authorities to investigate all feral swine reports and to remove feral swine from the wild. 

Feral swine which are destroyed are tested for multiple diseases to establish whether the animals may have spread disease to wildlife or livestock in the area.

Individuals who encounter feral swine should not destroy them unless they encounter feral swine on their own property and there is a threat of harm or destruction of property. As soon as possible following destruction of the animal, but always within 24 hours, the individual must notify the State Board of Animal Health (BoAH) at 701-328-2655. If the office is closed, after-hours contact information will be provided by calling the same number.  BoAH staff will make arrangements to have the entire carcass collected and provide any special instructions.

Meat processing plants which receive swine which do not appear domestic or which were shot “at large” should contact the Animal Health Division before attempting to process the animal.