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Biennial Report 1999-2001

Biennial Report 2001-2003

Biennial Report 2003-2005

Biennial Report 2005-2007

Biennial Report 2007-2009

Biennial Report 2009-2011

Biennial Report 2011-2013

Biennial Report 2013-2015

Biennial Report 2015-2017

Biennial Report 2017-2019

Biennial Report 2019-2021


2013 Farm to Market Guide

2015 Pride of Dakota Member Directory

2016-17 Local Foods Directory

Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse Tank Safety

Center for Disease Control Brochure

Conference Schedule

Cost of Johne's Disease to Dairy Producers

Dairy Producers: Proactive Steps to Prevent, Control Johne's Disease

Farmers Markets of North Dakota Brochure

Hunger Free ND Garden Project Rack Card

Johne's Disease Control Program for Dairy & Beef Producers

Johne's Disease Information for Bovine Producers

Johne's Disease Information for Goat Producers

Johne's Disease Information for Sheep Producers

Landowner Tips for Successfully Working with Pipeline Companies

Livestock Pollution Prevention Program Brochure

Meat Processing in North Dakota - Guidelines for Operating a Business

ND Age and Source Verification Livestock Program

ND Department of Agriculture's 2015 Ag Brochure

North Dakota Weed Seed-Free Forage Program

Pesticide Regulatory Compliance Guide

Pipeline Restoration and Reclamation Oversight Pilot Program

Poultry Slaughter, Processing, and Sales Guidelines for Small-scale Producers

Reclamation of Oil and Gas Industry-impacted Land (NDSU Publication R1766)

Safety Checklist for Participants

Successful Reclamation of Lands (NDSU Publication R1728)

Vaccination Information Program


Ag in the Classroom e-newsletters

2013 Quarter 1 Meat Messenger

2013 Quarter 2 Meat Messenger

2013 Quarter 3 Meat Messenger

2013 Quarter 4 Meat Messenger

2014 Quarter 1 Meat Messenger

2014 Quarter 2 Meat Messenger

2014 Quarter 3 Meat Messenger

2014 Quarter 4 Meat Messenger

2015 Quarter 1 Meat Messenger

2015 Quarter 2 Meat Messenger

2015 Quarter 3 Meat Messenger

2015 Quarter 4 Meat Messenger

2016 Quarter 1 Meat Messenger

2016 Quarter 2 Meat Messenger

2016 Quarter 3 Meat Messenger

2016 Quarter 4 Meat Messenger

Animal Health News - Spring 2010

Animal Health News - Summer 2009

Animal Health News - Summer 2011

Animal Health News - Summer 2014

Animal Health News - Winter 2013

Animal Health News - Winter 2016

Fall 2009 Johne's Disease -Beef

Fall 2009 Johne's Disease -Dairy

Fall 2010 Johne's Disease -Beef

Fall 2010 Johne's Disease -Dairy

Fall 2011 Johne's Disease -Beef

Fall 2011 Johne's Disease -Dairy

Fall 2012 Johne's Disease -Dairy

Fall 2012 Johne's Disease-Beef

Going Local Newsletter Spring 2014

Going Local Newsletter Summer 2012

Going Local Newsletter Fall 2013

Going Local Newsletter February 2011

Going Local Newsletter Spring 2013

Going Local Newsletter Summer 2013

Going Local Newsletter Summer/Fall 2014

Going Local Newsletter Winter 2013

Going Local Newsletter Winter 2014

International Newsletter - August 2010

International Newsletter - August 2011

International Newsletter - December 2010

International Newsletter - June 2010

International Newsletter - June 2014

International Newsletter - March 2011

International Newsletter - May 2011

International Newsletter - November 2011

Johne's Disease-Beef-1

Johne's Disease-Beef-2

Johne's Disease-Beef-3

Johne's Disease-Dairy-1

Meat Messenger - December 2010

Meat Messenger - December 2011

Meat Messenger - December 2012

Meat Messenger - July 2011

Meat Messenger - June 2010

Meat Messenger - June 2012

Meat Messenger - March 2010

Meat Messenger - March 2012

Meat Messenger - September 2010

Meat Messenger - September 2012

Nursery News - Fall 2012

Nursery News - Fall/Winter 2013

Nursery News - Spring 2011

Nursery News - Spring 2012

Nursery News - Spring 2013

Nursery News - Spring 2014

Nursery News - Spring 2015

Nursery News - Spring 2016

Nursery News - Spring 2017

Nursery News - Winter 2010

Nursery News - Winter 2011

Nursery News - Winter 2015

Spring 2010 Johne's Disease -Dairy

Spring 2011 Johne's Disease -Beef

Spring 2011 Johne's Disease -Dairy

Spring 2012 Johne's Disease-Beef

Spring 2012 Johne's Disease-Dairy

Summer 2009 Johne's Disease -Dairy

Summer 2010 Johne's Disease -Beef

Summer 2010 Johne's Disease -Dairy

Summer 2011 Johne's Disease -Dairy

Summer 2012 Johne's Disease-Beef

Summer 2012 Johne's Disease-Dairy

Winter 2009 Johne's Disease -Dairy

Winter 2010 Johne's Disease -Beef

Winter 2011 Johne's Disease -Beef

Winter 2011 Johne's Disease -Dairy

Winter 2012 Johne's Disease -Beef

Winter 2013 Johne's Disease-Beef

Winter 2013 Johne's Disease-Dairy


2016 NDFMGA & Local Foods Conference Agenda

Cooperative Interstate Shipment Program

Cottony Ash Psyllid Flyer

Developing Labels for Official State Meat Inspection

Donating Meat Frequently Asked Questions

Facility Requirements Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions About Official Meat Inspection

Guidelines for Meat Processing Establishments Processing Venison

Inspection Requirements for Meat and Poultry Businesses

Official State Meat Inspection

Pine Shoot Beetle

Pine Shoot Beetle Flyer


Farmstead BMP Recommendations for Groundwater Protection from Pesticides NDSU AE-1112

How is the Assessment Process for Groundwater Contamination from Pesticides Used for BMP Selection NDSU AE-1111

Improved Pesticide Application BMPs for Groundwater Protection from Pesticides

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) BMPs for Groundwater Protection from Pesticides NDSU AE-1114

Irrigation BMPs for Groundwater Protection from Pesticides NDSU AE-1116

NDCPPHRB meeting minutes 12-16-13

NDCPPHRB meeting minutes 12-16-14

NDCPPHRB meeting minutes 12-17-15

NDCPPHRB meeting minutes 12-19-2012

NDCPPHRB meeting minutes 2-10-2012

NDCPPHRB meeting minutes 4-1-14

NDCPPHRB meeting minutes 4-19-16

NDCPPHRB meeting minutes 4-7-2011

NDCPPHRB meeting minutes 4-9-15

NDCPPHRB meeting minutes 7-28-2011

Pesticide Control Board Minutes 10/13/2009

Pesticide Control Board Minutes 12/19/2008

Pesticide Control Board Minutes 4/1/2011

Pesticide Control Board Minutes 5/6/2011

Pesticide Control Board Minutes 6/14/2012

Pesticide Control Board Minutes 9/6/2013

Pesticide Monitoring Report 2008

Pesticide Monitoring Report 2009

Pesticide Monitoring Report 2010

Pesticide Monitoring Report 2013

Pesticide Monitoring Report 2014

Pesticide Monitoring Report 2014 (Lakes)

Pesticide Monitoring Report 2015

Pesticide Monitoring Report 2016

Project Safe Send 2011 Legislative Report

Protecting Groundwater from Pesticide Contamination NDSU AE-1197

Soil and Water Conservation BMPs for Groundwater Protection from Pesticide NDSU AE-1115

What is the BMP Selection Process for Groundwater Protection from Pesticides NDSU AE-1110

Publications Contacts

Publications Contacts

Michelle Mielke
Public Information Officer / Media Contact
600 E. Boulevard Ave. Dept. 602
Bismarck, ND 58505-0020