The North Dakota Department of Agriculture has the responsibility of ensuring the quality and safety of all pet foods that are sold or distributed in the state. The objective is to protect the health and safety of pets and protect the consumers’ interests in the quality of products offered for sale. 

State law requires that all pet foods and specialty pet foods be registered by the manufacturer or the person whose name appears on the label prior to being distributed or offered for sale. Pet foods are those fed to domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, caged birds or small animals, and fish. Information on how to register products can be found below. Licenses for manufacturing or distributing pet foods and specialty pet foods are not required in North Dakota and are not subject to inspection (tonnage fees). All registered pet foods are viewable in the North Dakota Pet Food Registration Database. All pet food registrations expire on December 31st of every odd-numbered year.

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture has contracted with Kelly Registration Systems (KRS) to streamline our registration and licensing processes and to provide a more efficient electronic document management platform. Companies or individuals can submit applications and supporting documents online through a platform called KSAMS at This includes renewals and initial applications. Registrants and licensees can also use KSAMS to submit revised supporting documents and labels. Persons are strongly encouraged to use the KSAMS registration option. To access the system, send an email to to request an account.

Please note that the Department no longer accepts hard-copy product labeling. The preferred method is for registrants to submit electronic documents through the KRS system. If that is not an option, registrants can submit electronic documents to the Department in portable document format (PDF) on a compact disc.

To apply for registration of a pet food, you may apply online at: OR submit:

  1. Application: Pet Foods and Specialty Pet Food Registration (Link at bottom of screen)
  2. Complete, electronic PDF product label for each product submitted via CD
  3. Check for total amount of application fee: $120/product

Pet Food Program Contacts

Pet Food Program Contacts

Angela Rittmiller
Feed Administrative Officer

Jamie Good
Feed Specialist