Pesticide Control Board


The Pesticide Control Board was created in 1975 by the North Dakota Legislature. The purpose of the Pesticide Control Board is to regulate, in the public interest, the distribution, storage, transportation, disposal, and use and application of pesticides to control pests.  The Pesticide Control Board consists of the Agriculture Commissioner, the Director of North Dakota State University Extension Service, and the Director of the North Dakota State University Experiment Station. While the Board has responsibility for general oversight of the North Dakota Pesticide Control Law (N.D.C.C. 4.1-33), the Agriculture Commissioner is chairman and is responsible for enforcement of the law.

Current membership of the Pesticide Control Board:

            Doug Goehring, ND Agriculture Commissioner (Chair)

            Dr. Greg Lardy, NDSU Interim Director-Extension & Acting Director-ND AES

Pesticide Control Board Contacts

Pesticide Control Board Contacts



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