Tuesday, June 11, 2024

BISMARCK – Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring announced that 13 grants have been awarded totaling $2.067 million to foster the growth of the bioscience industry in North Dakota. 

“Advances in bioscience have already transformed many sectors including agriculture and medicine,” Goehring said. “These grants will help North Dakota stay on the forefront of bioscience innovation.”

Organizations receiving grants are: 

  • Billie's Soap - $260,000 to finalize development of pharmaceutical skincare formulations and obtain FDA clearance. Contact Billie Kellar at 701-610-6428.

  • Chapul Farms ND One, LLC - $90,000 to support the establishment of an insect bioconversion facility. Contact Todd Severson at 402-659-9255.

  • CorVent Medical Inc. - $50,000 to assist in obtaining FDA clearance for the RESPOND II Ventilator. Contact Richard Walsh at 443-928-9195.

  • Frontier Bioforge LLC - $180,000 to assist establishment of a genetic engineering service. Contact Wyatt Warkenthien at 701-630-8269.

  • Krampade - $25,000 for clinical studies of Krampade 2K to reduce and alleviate menstrual cramps. Contact Eric Murphy at 701-772-3430.

  • Krisara Engineering - $110,000 to develop technology for continuous blood pressure measurement device. Contact Dave Jorgenson at 612-280-6328.

  • MindMend BioTech LLC - $60,000 to advance technology for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Contact Mercedes Terry at 765-635-1366.

  • Modern Hygiene, Inc. dba TERSA - $17,000 to promote acoustic vibrational sound therapy pod research and application. Contact Ray Kelly at 310-890-8449.

  • National Agricultural Genotyping Center - $135,000 to acquire high-throughput genotyping instrumentation. Contact Zack Bateson at 701-239-1451.

  • Pathkeeper Surgical - $600,000 to develop 3D optical navigation tools for spinal surgeries. Contact Ryan LeBlanc at 860-334-6493.

  • SafetySpect Inc. - $70,000 to test and progress the Pressure Injury Prevention Assessment (PIPA) medical device. Contact Kenneth Barton at 310-864-2130.

  • TailWind MedTech, Inc. - $170,000 to develop a medical grade, vibrating mesh nebulizer. Contact Richard Walsh at 443-928-9195.

  • Thin Air Surfaces, LLC - $300,000 to advance pressure redistribution technology for portable stretcher and gurney devices. Contact Jim Albrecht at 701-640-3220.

Grant applications were reviewed and scored by a committee made up of Goehring, a representative from the Bioscience Association of North Dakota and a representative from the North Dakota Department of Commerce.