Monday, August 9, 2021


BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bioscience Innovation Grant Fund Committee will meet at 8 a.m., Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2021, in the North Dakota Department of Agriculture’s 6th floor conference room at the State Capitol building.


  1. Welcome/Introductions                                                          Commissioner Goehring
  2. Review Meeting Minutes                                                         Commissioner Goehring
  3. Applicant Presentations


8:30 AM          Biomed Protection North Dakota, LLC                                            

                       Contact: Dr. Slobodan Paessler

                       Amount Requested: $1,017,400                    


9:00 AM          ImmunoPrecise Antibodies

                       Contact: Kari Graber 

                       Amount Requested: $1,000,000


9:30 AM          Krampade

                       Contact: Eric J. Murphy

                       Amount Requested: $500,000


10:00 AM        WoundExam Corp

                       Contact: Kouhyar Tavakolian

                       Amount Requested: $249,749


10:30 AM        SafetySpect Inc.

                       Contact: Kenneth Barton

                       Amount Requested: 1,499,195


11:00 AM        Lincoln Therapeutics, LLC

                       Contact: Ben Boedeker

                       Amount Requested: $1,499,775


11:30 AM        CorVent Medical, Inc.

                       Contact: Travis Murphy

                       Amount Requested: $1,500,000


12:00 PM – LUNCH


12:30 PM        Checkable Medical

                       Contact: Patty Post

                       Amount Requested: $215,800


1:00 PM          AuraVax Therapeutics, Inc.

                       Contact: Matthew Meyer

                       Amount Requested: $2,920,000


1:30 PM          Agathos Biologics

                       Contact: James Brown

                       Amount Requested: $1,271,440


2:00 PM          Genovac Antibody Discovery, LLC

                       Contact: Bree Vculek

                       Amount Requested: $2,204,200


2:30 PM          National Agriculture Genotyping Center

                       Contact: Zachary Bateson

                       Amount Requested: $125,000

  1. Committee Discussion on Funding Recommendations
  2. Funding Approvals/Denials                                                      Commissioner Goehring
  3. Adjourn                                                                                   Commissioner Goehring