Meeting Notice: Bioscience Innovation Grant Fund Committee

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bioscience Innovation Grant Fund Committee will meet at 9 a.m., Tuesday, July 25, 2023, and at 9 a.m., Wednesday, July 26, 2023, in the North Dakota Department of Agriculture’s 6th floor conference room at the State Capitol building.


If you would like the call-in information, please contact the North Dakota Department of Agriculture at 701-328-2231 prior to 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.


Tuesday, July 25

  1. Welcome/Introductions                                                           Commissioner Goehring
  2. Approval of Aug. 25, 2021, Meeting Minutes                        Commissioner Goehring
  3. Funding Procedures and Background Information
  4. Applicant Presentations

9:20 AM          Your Performance Lab Inc

Contact: David Pickles

Amount Requested:  $300,000


9:40 AM          Thrixen LLC

Contact: Ben Boedeker

Amount Requested:  $996,000


10:00 AM        SafetySpect

                        Contact: Kenneth E. Barton

                        Amount Requested:  $1,240,000


10:20 AM        Break


10:40 AM        FamGenix

                        Contact: Michael Brammer

                        Amount Requested:  $1,500,000


11:00 AM        Cotasys Inc

                        Contact: Jeremy Vrchota

                        Amount Requested:  $1,000,000


11:20 AM        National Agriculture Genotyping Center

                        Contact: Megan O’Neil

                        Amount Requested:  $300,000


11:40 AM        LUNCH BREAK


1:00 PM          Symtera Analytics and Wellness

                        Contact:  Haider Cheema

                        Amount Requested:  $715,901


1:20 PM          Concord Medical Technology Corporation

                        Contact: Joseph Allen, Jr

                        Amount Requested:  $600,000


1:40 PM          PNQ Health (PEACENQUIET, INC)

                        Contact: Kurtis Goos 

                        Amount Requested:  $1,500,000


2:00 PM          BREAK


2:20 PM          QURE Industries

                        Contact: Shahryar Jamshed Qureshi (Shar)

                        Amount Requested:  $317,750


2:40 PM          ThermaSolutions Sterilization

                        Contact: Steve Davis

                        Amount Requested:  $700,000


3:00 PM          Thin Air Surfaces, LLC

                        Contact: Jim Albrecht

                        Amount Requested:  $985,490

  1. Adjourn for Day                                                                     Commissioner Goehring


Wednesday, July 26


  1. Applicant Presentations (Day 2)


                9:00 AM          WalkWise, Inc

Contact: Peter Chamberlain

Amount Requested:  $500,000


            9:20 AM          Agassiz Sustainable, LLC

Contact: Hua Sun

Amount Requested:  $2,265,000


9:40 AM          Genovac Antibody Discovery LLC

                        Contact: Brian Walters

                        Amount Requested:  $1,299,833


10:00 AM        Poiesis Medical

                        Contact: Charlene Johnson    

                        Amount Requested:  $1,500,000


10:20 AM        BREAK



10:40 AM        Imricor Medical Systems

                        Contact: Steve Wedan

                        Amount Requested:  $2,500,000


11:00 AM        Agathos Biologics

                        Contact: James Brown

                        Amount Requested:  $750,000


11:20 AM        TheraTec Inc

                        Contact: Tony Hyk

                        Amount Requested:  $1,000,000


11:40 AM        LUNCH BREAK


  1. Committee Discussion on Funding Recommendations
  2. Funding Approvals/Denials                                                    Commissioner Goehring
  3. Adjourn                                                                                   Commissioner Goehring
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