Wednesday, April 3, 2019


BISMARCK - The Crop Protection Product Harmonization and Registration Board will meet at 1 p.m., Thursday, April 18, in the North Dakota Department of Agriculture’s 6th floor conference room at the State Capitol.

If you are unable to attend in person, you may call the conference call number to listen at 1-888-346-3659 – passcode 829039.



1.    Call to Order – Chairman Jeff Topp

2.    Roll Call and Proof of Quorum

3.    Approval of Dec. 4, 2018 Minutes

4.    Minor Use Pesticide Fund Grant Budget Report: Jerry Sauter

5.    Pesticide Harmonization Grant Program Budget Report: Jerry Sauter

6.    Reports on Previously Funded Minor Use Fund Projects

a)    Evaluation of Seed Treatments and Fungicide Delivery Systems for Management of Blackleg of Canola: Dr. Luis Del Rio Mendoza, NDSU
b)    Management of Sclerotinia Head Rot in Sunflowers Using Foliar Application of Clonostachys Rosae Strain CR-7: Dr. Venkata Chapara, NDSU
c)    Tame Oat Tolerance to Soil Applied Herbicides: Dr. Brian Jenks, NDSU
d)    Development of Ethaboxam as a Seed Treatment for Management of Aphanomyces Root Rot in Field Peas: Dr. Michael Wunsch, NDSU
e)    Evaluation of Fungicides for Management of QoI-Resistant Ascochyta Blight in Field Peas and Chickpeas: Dr. Michael Wunsch, NDSU
f)    Management of White Mold in Dry Beans with Peroxide-Based Fungicides, Adjuvants, and Improved Application Methods: Dr. Michael Wunsch, NDSU
g)    Evaluation of Prothiconazole as a Seed Treatment for Managing Fusarium Root Rot in Field Peas and Lentils: Dr. Michael Wunsch, NDSU
h)    Evaluation of seed treatment with streptomycin for management of seed-borne bacterial blight in field peas: Dr. Michael Wunsch, NDSU
i)    Optimizing fungicide application strategies for management of white mold in lentils: Dr. Michael Wunsch, NDSU

7.    Consideration of New Minor Use Fund Requests

a)    Evaluation of Soil Amendments at Various Doses to Manage Clubroot on Canola in Field Conditions: Dr. Venkata Chapara, NDSU
b)    Optimizing the Deployment of Fungicide Seed Treatments Relative to Field Pea and Lentil Planting Date: Dr. Michael Wunsch, NDSU
c)    Developing Strategies for the Management of QoI-Resistant Asochyta Blight in Field Peas: Dr. Michael Wunsch, NDSU
d)    Tame Oat Tolerance to Soil-applied Herbicides: Dr. Brian Jenks, NDSU
e)    Flax Tolerance to Soil-Applied and Postemergence Herbicides: Dr. Brian Jenks, NDSU
f)    Crop Tolerance to Fall-Applied Herbicides: Dr. Brian Jenks, NDSU
g)    Herbicide Use in Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Production: Dr. Kirk Howatt, NDSU

8.    Old Business

9.    New Business

10.    Adjourn

The Crop Protection Product Harmonization and Registration Board is responsible for identifying and prioritizing crop protection product labeling needs and pursuing any opportunity to make more crop protection product options available to agricultural producers in the state of North Dakota.