Tuesday, June 11, 2024

BISMARCK – The State Board of Animal Health will meet at 9 a.m., Monday, June 17, in the North Dakota Department of Agriculture’s 6th floor conference room at the State Capitol.

If you would like the call-in information, please contact Michelle Mielke at 701-328-2233 prior to 9 a.m. on Monday, June 17, 2024.]

Draft Agenda

  1. Introductions and Roll Call
  2. Minutes – March 13, 2024, Meeting
  3. Administrative Rule Hearing Update
  4. ND Game and Fish Department
  5. ND Department of Health & Human Services
  6. ND Stockmen’s Association
  7. Independent Beef Association of North Dakota (I-BAND)
  8. United States Department of Agriculture Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS) Wildlife Services
  9. USDA-APHIS Veterinary Services
  10. Auction Market Compliance Review
  11. Animal Disease Traceability
    • Federal Rule – Electronic Tags
    • Identification – Review of Requirements
    • Mini Pig
  12. Disease Updates
    • High Path Avian Influenza
    • Equine Infectious Anemia
    • Fairs & Commingling Events
  13. Farmed Elk Updates
  14. Nontraditional Livestock Updates
  15. Field Investigation Report
  16. Fiscal Update
  17. Violations
    • Executive Session
  18. Other
  19. Upcoming Meetings/Events
    • July 19-27, 2024 – ND State Fair, Minot, ND
    • Aug. 4-6, 2024 – ND Veterinary Medical Association, Fargo, ND
    • Aug. 27-30, 2024 – National Poultry Improvement Plan Biennial Conference, Providence, RI
    • Sept. 3-5, 2024 – US Swine Health Improvement Plan, Minneapolis, MN
    • Sept. 10-11, 2024 – Emergency Response Preparedness for Foreign Animal Diseases and Mass Livestock Mortalities in North Dakota Training, Carrington, ND 

Where noted, the discussion of some of the above items may be held in executive session rather than during the portion of the meeting that is open to the public.  If this is a regular meeting, additional topics may be discussed.  If this is a special or emergency meeting, the governing body’s discussion will be limited to the topics and executive sessions listed above.

NOTE: Agenda items may be moved up or down on the agenda. Breaks will be at the discretion of the President of the Board.