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BISMARCK – A feral pig that was recently reported in Nelson County has been determined to be a stray domestic pig after being examined by authorities. Ryan Powers, with USDA Wildlife Services, examined the carcass and made the determination. The pig was destroyed after it reportedly charged a farmer in his yard. 

North Dakota animal health officials urge anyone who observes pigs at large to keep their distance and report them to the state veterinarian’s office at 701-328-2655.

“If you encounter a pig at large, do not attempt to capture or engage with the animal,” State Veterinarian Dr. Ethan Andress said. “If approached, they can be dangerous. They have poor eyesight and can respond unpredictably.”

Though this pig was likely an escaped domestic pig, feral swine have occasionally been reported in the state in the past and have recently been reported in neighboring states. 

“Feral swine are a growing concern in many parts of the country, not only to public safety, but also due to their ability to spread disease and cause damage to crops and property,” Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said.

When feral swine are sighted, individuals should not destroy them. Authorities should be notified so it can be determined whether they have an owner, or whether they need to be removed and tested for disease. In 2009, the North Dakota Legislature enacted legislation to prohibit releasing feral swine as well as to prevent activities promoting or supporting the hunting of feral swine.

For more information on feral swine, go to www.ndda.nd.gov/feralswine.

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