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BISMARCK – Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring has announced a new program to provide cost-share assistance to North Dakota meat processing plants. The North Dakota Meat Processing Plant Cost-Share Program will help state-inspected and custom exempt meat processing plants upgrade their facilities and equipment to meet increased demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The state Emergency Commission met today and unanimously approved $1.3 million for the program with funding from the coronavirus relief bill.

“North Dakota meat processing plants have seen increased demand for retail meat products and slaughter of livestock,” Goehring said. “The program will help plants upgrade facilities and equipment to create efficiencies that will allow them to increase processing capacity and ultimately product to the consumer.”

“North Dakota has some of the best genetics and quality of livestock,” Goehring said. “This program creates more local opportunities to add value.”

Some of the eligible improvements could include:

  • Purchase of equipment such as grinders, stuffers or other processing equipment

  • Rooms or equipment to increase slaughter capacity such as coolers and freezers

The program will reimburse plants a portion of expenses dependent on the total amount of eligible applications received and approved through the program. Letters and applications will be mailed to all current North Dakota state-inspected and custom exempt meat processing plants early next week and will be available online here.

Additional information is available by contacting Bradley Dean, agricultural development specialist, at 701-955-0181 or bdean@nd.gov.  

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