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BISMARCK – Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring announced the availability of a royalty oversight program after its creation by the 68th Legislative Assembly earlier this year. The program will provide technical assistance and support to royalty owners, lease owners and mineral companies relating to royalty payment issues, as well as educational outreach.

“Up to this point there has been no designated agency or entity to work with royalty owners who need technical assistance and support relating to royalty payment issues,” Goehring said. “Our intent is to work with companies to offer assistance and bring clarity to statements for royalty owners.”

Under the new law, a royalty owner having royalty payment issues can contact the North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) for assistance.

“Once we are contacted, an independent ombudsman will follow up with the royalty owner to assess the situation,” Goehring said. “The ombudsman will contact the operator to detail the findings and work with all parties to resolve the issues in a timely manner.”

The program will also provide educational outreach to help royalty owners who have been or may be impacted by royalty issues.

Goehring said those needing assistance may call NDDA at 701-328-5110, or go to https://www.ndda.nd.gov/royalty-oversight-program to submit their request.

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