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BISMARCK – Gov. Doug Burgum has issued an executive order that suspends the April 1, 2020, expiration of commercial, public and private pesticide applicator certifications under North Dakota Century Code § 4.1-33 for the duration of the declared state of public health emergency.

This waiver comes after North Dakota State University (NDSU) Extension canceled its in-person training and testing sessions based on physical distancing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Applicators and dealers who were certified through April 1, 2020, retain their status and now have until the end of the public health emergency to take the appropriate refresher training to renew their certificates.

NDSU Extension has been offering online renewal options for commercial, public and dealers, and more are being scheduled for those whose certification expired April 1. Private applicator online renewal options are being scheduled, and details are available from NDSU Extension county offices. These trainings allow for a full three-year certificate.

Applicators and dealers are encouraged to take advantage of training when it becomes available as once the public health emergency ends,
current certifications will no longer be valid.

Information about examination for individuals who need initial or new certification will be released by April 17.

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