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Winter CornfieldBISMARCK – With the extensive wet weather and recent snowfall, Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring is urging the public to respect unharvested crops.

“We’ve had incidents where snowmobilers have driven in unharvested soybean fields and corn fields,” Goehring said. “Unseasonable weather has delayed harvest and many crops are still out in the field. Please take care when hunting or snowmobiling to ensure you aren’t in unharvested crops.”

Goehring said people should contact landowners regarding access.

“Also, county, township and minimum maintenance roads are in poor condition due to the excessive amount of moisture we’ve received in the last several weeks,” Goehring said. “Our farmers and ranchers struggle to utilize those roads to haul hay and harvest crops and unnecessary travel on those roads continues to compromise their integrity.”

Goehring said to be mindful and avoid roads or trails that are muddy or covered in water. Driving over roads in these conditions will tax road infrastructure.

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