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BISMARCK – The North Dakota State Board of Animal Health granted a summer grazing exemption at their recent board meeting due to the widespread drought in North Dakota.

The exemption reads as follows:

Cattle are allowed to move out of state for grazing to another state of destination with an Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (ICVI), with official identifications (IDs) listed on the ICVI and a statement on the ICVI that the cattle will not be comingled with other out of state cattle and will return to North Dakota after the summer.

To return to North Dakota, a new ICVI is needed, and the original ICVI number must be referenced as well, which included the head count and individual official IDs.

The state of destination’s import requirements must be met. All brand inspection requirements must also be met.

The exemption will help producers avoid having to make their cattle go through the chute and have the tags read prior to returning, when not comingled and out of state for summer grazing. To return to North Dakota, a new certificate is needed but cattle do not need to be individually handled to read ID. Concerns or questions should be directed to the North Dakota Department of Agriculture’s Animal Health Division at 701-328-2655.

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