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a healthy school lunchBISMARCK – Students across North Dakota will dine on food products from their own state on Thursday, Sept. 17, during the 19th Annual Agriculture in the Classroom School Lunch Day.

“Highlighting North Dakota food products grown by our farmers and ranchers and processed by local businesses helps students learn how their food is raised and produced,” Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said. “School lunch programs can also help local economies and the state’s economy by buying these locally produced and processed foods. A wide range of North Dakota food products are now available for school lunch programs in addition to the high- quality raw commodities produced in the state.”

“It’s difficult for students to learn when they are hungry. That is why our North Dakota school breakfast and lunch programs are so important,” said Kirsten Baesler, North Dakota’s state school superintendent. “Ag in the Classroom School Lunch Day supports the work of our North Dakota food producers. It provides our students healthy meals, while giving them an appetizing demonstration of where their food comes from.”

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture and Department of Public Instruction provided posters and sample menus to participating schools. Students who are distance-learning may find North Dakota recipe ideas to try with their families at www.nd.gov/aitc.

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