Anthrax Map

A map of Anthrax cases by county for any given year.


Apiaries, Vineyards and Organic Map

This interactive map shows Apiaries, Vineyards and Organics across the state.


Blackbird Damage Map

A map of Blackbird Damage Management by districts featuring contacts for each.


Dairy Map

A map of North Dakota Dairies listed by class and county.


EHM Cases

A map of EHM cases by county.


Harvest Hotline Map

A map of resources for Harvest.


HPAI Poultry/Bird Event Restrictions Map

A map of counties that may not hold poultry/bird events due to a finding of highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Local Foods Map

An interactive map for local foods producers/sellers.


Palmer Amaranth Map

A map reflecting of Palmer Amaranth occurrences.


Plant Hardiness Map

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location.


Pesticide Inspector Map

A map of Pesticide Inspection regions and their contacts.


Weed Seed Free Forage Inspectors Map

A map of WSFF inspectors and their locations.


West Nile Virus Map

A map of West Nile Virus cases by county.